Tuesday Photo Challenge

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Holidays

This is my contribution to the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Holidays.

Having written a few posts about Christmas recently I decided to go with a different approach to the challenge. Here’s a selection of photos taken during various public holidays.

Easter egg laying. A female Eurasian Blue Tit egg laying over the Easter holiday.

Female Blue Tit egg laying


Canada Day fireworks on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.

Fireworks for Canada Day.


Boxing Day 2007. The sun sets behind Chantry Island while the lighthouse flashes. Lake Huron, Saugeen Shores, Ontario, Canada.

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Holidays


Wiarton Village Fair fireworks on the August long weekend, most commonly know as the Civic Holiday long weekend.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Cosmically Circular/Cosmically Square

Weekly Prompts

Easter Egg Laying

The new Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge is Easter.

I thought of Easter eggs which made me think of all the bird species laying eggs at this time of year.

This is a female Eurasian Blue Tit egg laying early morning in Cheshire, England.

Female Blue Tit egg laying


Egg laying.

Egg laying again but insects rather then birds this time. A female Banded Demoselle egg laying watched by a male in the background. One from the archives taken in Cheshire, England in the mid 1990s.

In a strange way a follow-up to my Saskatchewan’s Provincial Flower post. You may wonder what the connection is between Damselflies and a Prairie Lily, it’s the lens used. I didn’t use a macro/close up lens for this shot, I used my long telephoto normally used for birds and wildlife. The reason being is that the Damselflies are in the middle of the water inlet of a reservoir a couple of metres from the bank. I set the tripod as low as it would go, mounted the telephoto and then started trying different combinations of teleconverters and extension tubes until I found a mix that gave me the magnification needed.

Banded Demoselles.