Macro Monday

Butterfly eggs hatching

This week’s Macro Monday is a follow up to my post last week.

This is the same group of Large White Butterfly eggs on a Nasturtium leaf in a Hatherton, Cheshire garden. They are now starting to hatch. After eating their way out of the egg casing some of the young caterpillars turn around and eat more of the casing. The casing may contain nutrients or minerals that help the caterpillars develop.


Macro Monday: Caterpillar eggs hatching


Macro Monday

Large White Butterfly eggs

Welcome to my second Macro Monday.

These are Large White Butterfly eggs on the underside of a Nasturtium leaf in Hatherton, Cheshire.

These eggs are tiny and were photographed with the high magnification OM Zuiko 38mm macro lens.


Macro Monday: Large White Butterfly eggs


One Word Sunday


Eggs > Caterpillars

One Word Sunday.

hatching caterpillars