Square Months

Trees #30

July Squares: Trees #30

Autumn colour below Shining Tor on the edge of the Peak District National Park, England.

This is my day 30 contribution to Becky’s July Squares: Trees photo challenge.

Photo Challenges

A Photo a Week Challenge: Insects

This is my contribution to the A Photo a Week Challenge: Insects.

A small selection of photos of insects making more insects.


April Squares: Top

Common Red Soldier Beetles mating on top of Ragwort flowers.


Mating Silver-studded Blue Butterflies

Silver-studded Blue Butterflies mating on a grass seed head.


April Squares: Skating on Top of the Water

Pond Skaters mating on the surface of a garden pond.


Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Our Feathered Friends

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Our Feathered Friends prompt.

With 30+ years of bird photos I decided to keep it simple and came up with the theme of size divided between North America and Europe.


January Squares: Hummingbird in Flight

A young Ruby-throated Hummingbird, one of the smaller birds found in North America.


January Squares: Backlight

Two Sandhill Cranes, one of the larger bird species found in North America.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Our Feathered Friends

A Eurasian Wren, one of the smaller European bird species.


Weekly Prompts: Grey

Portrait of a Grey Heron, one of the larger European bird species.



A Nature Photographer’s Vehicles

This is my light hearted contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Anything to do with cars and trucks.

A look at a couple of this photographer’s dirty vehicles.



My ex British Telecom Bedford van being used as a mobile hide ( blind). The rear of the van was gutted so I could sleep in it and there was a mount for a tripod head attached to the inside of the drivers door.


Ford Ranger picku

The Ford Ranger pickup truck I drove in Saskatchewan. After this photo was taken it was fitted with a fibreglass tonneau cover to allow me to store “stuff” in the truck box. When I moved from Saskatchewan to Ontario it was ridiculously difficult swapping the Saskatchewan license plates for Ontario plates.



Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: The Long and Winding Road

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: The Long and Winding Road.

I decided to go with a small selection of favourite photos featuring roads, even is some aren’t very long or very winding.


Throwback Thursday: 30th January 2020

A back road in southern Cheshire, England in the winter.


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Vanishing Point or Leading Lines

A winding road in Badenoch, Scotland in the autumn.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Light the Night

Berford Street, Wiarton, Ontario, Canada at twilight with Christmas lights.


Monochrome Monday: 16th March 2020

Motorcycles in fog on their way to the Dragon Motorcycle Rally in Snowdonia, Wales.


One Word Sunday


My first thought when reading the One Word Sunday prompt Symmetry was of Butterfly and Moth wings so I went with one of each.

A Gatekeeper Butterfly suns itself on a Bramble leaf.

One Word Sunday: Symmetry


A Magpie Moth rests on a tree trunk.

One Word Sunday: Symmetry


Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Visitors

A selection of winter visitors for the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Visitors.

These bird species move from their breeding grounds to spend the winter in different locations.

A feeding Whooper Swan, a winter visitor to the Martin Mere Wildfowl and Wetland Centre, Lancashire, England.

Portrait of a feeding Whooper Swan.


A male Common Redpoll, a winter visitor to Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Common Redpoll on snow.


A Fieldfare, a winter visitor to Cheshire, England.

Throwback Thursday: Fieldfare


A Snowy Owl, a winter visitor to southern Ontario, Canada.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Visitors