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Blue Hour Ice

My Travel Tuesday blog post this week continues my look back at some of the overlooked photos from the 52 week photo project I did in 2018.

Another visit to Colpoy’s Bay, this time a couple of days after the spring equinox. The ice on the bay has changed again. A week or so previously it had been more uneven and mostly snow covered.

Travel Tuesday: Blue Hour Ice
Six Word Saturday

Sixteen Hours Before The Spring Equinox

Or the last sunrise before spring.

My contribution to Six Word Saturday.

Six Word Saturday: Sixteen Hours Before The Spring Equinox

52 week photo project

Week 38: The first day of autumn

Technically autumn started on Saturday evening of week 38 so Sunday would be the first full day of autumn. I went for a walk on Sunday morning looking for some autumn colour. I was in a retro mood and used my oldest digital camera body, now 11 years old, with a manual focus prime lens I purchased prior to April 1982.

It’s looking like being a strange autumn. Some leaves were changing colour a month or more ago and have since fallen while some trees have sections of leaves turning colour while the majority of the tree is still green.

I wasn’t really happy with any of the photos of branches and sections of trees changing colour but noticed this small group of Maple leaves in some nice light.

Maple leaves on the first full day of autumn.