Monthly Squares

Strange Perspective on Shadows

This is my day 5 contribution to Becky’s July Squares on the theme of Perspective.

The shadows of the various trees are a bit strange in this photo. The shadows cast by the row of trees seem to be pointing in a different direction to the shadow cast by the solitary tree in the field. That’s because the field is in effect a miniature valley. The shadows of the row of trees are on one slope and the shadow of the solitary tree is on the other slope.

Trees and their shadows at Bickerton Hill in southern Cheshire, England.

July Squares: Strange Perspective on Shadows


Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekend Challenge: Scenic

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Scenic.

I had a few ideas for the challenge but I wasn’t really happy with any of them. Then I thought about a small set of photos all taken on a back road in southern Cheshire. It was the scenic route into the village of Audlem and I used to take it frequently rather than using the more direct main road.


Weekend Challenge: Scenic

Farmland with St James’ Church, Audlem on the horizon at sunset. The church clock shows the photo was taken at 5:10.


Throwback Thursday: 20th February 2020

A wider view of the same farmland, this time snow covered shortly after sunrise. St James’ Church in on the horizon again.


Weekend Challenge: Scenic

Storm clouds over the farmland. An even wider view showing some of the back road. A small St James’ Church on the horizon in this photo.


One Word Sunday


The first thing that came to mind when I read the prompt for One Word Sunday: Patchwork was fields seen from above.

My home county, Cheshire in England, is quite flat but there is a large sandstone ridge sticking out of the Cheshire plain. The tops of some of the hills forming the ridge allow you to look down onto some of the farmland of the Cheshire plain.


One Word Sunday: Patchwork

An early snowfall on a section of the Cheshire plain seen from Bickerton Hill in south west Cheshire.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Morning

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Morning.

I am a morning person and often have the alarm set to allow me to get to a location half an hour before sunrise. So here’s a small selection of photos taken around sunrise but not necessarily what I would call a photo of a sunrise.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Morning

Waves and rocks on the Lake Huron shoreline soon after sunrise.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Morning

A female Eurasian Blue Tit egg laying early in the morning.


One Word Sunday: Knot

A juvenile Red Knot on the Lake Huron shoreline at sunrise.


Friendly Friday: Art Unexpected

Waves and ripples on Lake Huron at sunrise.


Tuesday Photo Challenge - Trees

Snow and hoarfrost covered farmland at sunrise.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt

A Eurasian Blue Tit silhouetted against the rising sun.


Throwback Thursday

Snow Covered Farmland

Throwback Thursday travels back to southern Cheshire, England in the late 1980s.

Getting up to find it had snowed overnight I did a tour of southern Cheshire trying to make the most of the snow. This shot was taken on a back road north of the village of Audlem. The 13th century St James’ Church in Audlem is on the horizon.

Throwback Thursday: 20th February 2020


Cee's B & W Photo Challenge

Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge: Back of Things

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Back of Things.

I was considering a photo of an old farm tractor ploughing in competition at a ploughing match. Which made me think of some of the other images of farming I have. Editors were frequently looking for images of agriculture in the 1980s and 1990s. They would turn to photo libraries for images rather than commission a photographer to go out and shoot such images.

That’s when I remembered this image, manure spreading from behind. A regular photo request was for images of manure spreading. So one morning I spent a couple of hours dodging flying manure trying to get as many angles as possible while the tractor driver would occasionally try to get me.

Cee's B & W Photo Challenge: Back of Things.

One Word Sunday


One Word Sunday.