One Word Sunday


I don’t find very much creepy so started thinking about some of the things other people find creepy.

Some people find the Black Snake Millipede creepy because of all the legs. A European species alternative common English names include White-legged Snake Millipede and Black Millipede.

This is my contribution to the One Word Sunday prompt Creepy.

One Word Sunday: Creepy
Photo Challenges

Friendly Friday: Re-imagine Orange

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Re-imagine Orange.

I thought about some of the various species of flora and fauna with Orange in their common English names. That’s when I discovered that orange wasn’t very common in species English names and that one of the photos in my archives with orange in the name was incorrect. What I had captioned Orange Marigold is more correctly known as Pot Marigold.


Friendly Friday: Re-imagine Orange

Center of a Pot Marigold after rain. Photographed in Hatherton, Cheshire, England and captioned Orange Marigold by me.


Friendly Friday: Re-imagine Orange

A male Orange Tip Butterfly feeding on Bluebells in a garden in Faddiley, Cheshire, England.


Friendly Friday: Re-imagine Orange

Orange Daylilies photographed on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada. I wouldn’t be surprised if these aren’t classified as an invasive species in the future. Originally an Asian species I have seen them growing in various wild locations in Ontario.