A pair of American Avocets.

A pair of American Avocets feeding on a slough in Saskatchewan. By the curve of the bills it’s a male in front and a female behind.

A film shot from Saskatchewan in the mid 1990s. Taken from a vehicle window using a bean bag on the window frame to support the lens. A form of Throwback Thursday.

A pair of American Avocets.

A quick snack.

The Daily Post one word prompt is Partake.

An American Robin partaking of a quick snack on the Lake Huron shoreline this morning. I don’t know what it was eating but it ate five in quick succession.

spring feeding.

A grab shot. I had gone down to the lakeshore to checkout the ice conditions only to find this section of Lake Huron ice free.

I keep an old digital camera in the car along with a couple of telephotos from the 1980s. The 300mm I used dates back to the mid 1980s and has suffered over the decades. It has some fungus internally that I keep in check by baking the lens in the oven occasionally.