Eye level with a Chipmunk.

A shot from a recent session in the yard using my ground pod to get down to eye level with the birds and mammals.

This Eastern Chipmunk was interested in the human lying in the grass while it searched for a few more seeds to stuff in its cheek pouches.

An Eastern Chipmunk with stuffed cheeks.

A pair of American Avocets.

A pair of American Avocets feeding on a slough in Saskatchewan. By the curve of the bills it’s a male in front and a female behind.

A film shot from Saskatchewan in the mid 1990s. Taken from a vehicle window using a bean bag on the window frame to support the lens. A form of Throwback Thursday.

A pair of American Avocets.

A quick snack.

The Daily Post one word prompt is Partake.

An American Robin partaking of a quick snack on the Lake Huron shoreline this morning. I don’t know what it was eating but it ate five in quick succession.

spring feeding.

A grab shot. I had gone down to the lakeshore to checkout the ice conditions only to find this section of Lake Huron ice free.

I keep an old digital camera in the car along with a couple of telephotos from the 1980s. The 300mm I used dates back to the mid 1980s and has suffered over the decades. It has some fungus internally that I keep in check by baking the lens in the oven occasionally.