Travel Tuesday

A fire in the firebox

This week Travel Tuesday is visiting a steam rally in Queen’s Park, Crewe in southern Cheshire, England.

This traction engine has recently had a fire started in the firebox as the smoke from the smokestack shows.

Weekly Prompts: Wheels
Monthly Squares

January Squares: Firelight

This is my day 19 contribution to Becky’s January Squares: Light photo challenge.

Logs burning in a fire pit on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

January Squares: Firelight

One Word Sunday


This is a common sight in this part of Ontario in the summer and autumn, a fire in a fire pit. In this case the pit is an old wheel rim in a back yard.

People sit around their fire pits in the evening. The theory being that the smoke helps keep the mosquitoes away. Although they always manage to find me regardless of the smoke.

Posted as my contribution to One Word Sunday: Fire.

One Word Sunday: Fire