Cosmic Photo Challenge: Playing with Light

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Playing with Light.

The photo was taken in the winter, that’s frazil ice on Lake Huron in the foreground. Which means it also works with the Winter’s Breath challenge.

Mother nature is playing with light supported in a very minor way by me. This is Chantry Island and its lighthouse with a giant sun pillar behind the island. Chantry Island is just off the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario, Canada.

Sun pillars form when the sun is on or below the horizon at sunrise or sunset. The pillar is the reflection of the sun in ice crystals suspended in the air.

My contribution to the playing with light is timing the exposure to coincide with the flashing of the light in the lighthouse. I would count seconds after a flash and release the shutter at five seconds just before the light flashed again.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Playing with Light

Two towers.

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I have seen and photographed a few sun pillars over the years but this was the most impressive by a huge margin.

I was down at the Lake Huron shoreline for the sunset and had positioned my tripod so that the sun would be setting to the right of the Lighthouse on Chantry Island. The section of Lake Huron in the foreground was frazil ice which was also interesting.

The sunset was fairly spectacular but I learned long ago not to put the camera away until the last light had gone from the sky. Some time after the sun had dropped below the horizon this sun pillar appeared. By far the biggest and brightest I had seen made even more impressive by the fact that I was using a telephoto lens to pick out the Lighthouse on the Island.

Sun pillars are caused by ice crystals in the air.

A giant sun pillar.