One Word Sunday


This is my contribution to Debbie’s One Word Sunday prompt Empty.

Two empty bear resistant garbage cans on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada. The signs are to let the garbage truck operator know that they’re empty, not because the local Black Bears can read.

They’re bolted down to concrete pads to stop the bears flipping them over. The orange pole between them is to mark their location so the snow plough operator doesn’t hit them. Although it looks as if the plough has hit them in the past.

One Word Sunday: Empty

Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge: Signs.

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Signs.

It’s 12 months since I photographed these EMPTY signs and I still find it amusing that some of my neighbours are letting our Black Bears know that there’s no garbage in the cans.

These are Bear resistant garbage cans bolted to a cement pad to stop the Bears rolling them over. And yes, I know that the signs aren’t really for the Bears. They wouldn’t be able to read the signs in the dark at night.

Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge: Signs.


The EMPTY signs amused me

Taken on a evening walk during week 32. These are Bear resistant garbage cans that are bolted to concrete slabs. The red pole is a marker to show snow plough operators where they are although the one on the right looks as if it’s had a tap from a plough.

The EMPTY signs on two of the cans amused me. I wondered if they were for the Bears so they wouldn’t bother trying to break into the empty ones. I know the reason for the signs but the thought of them being for the Bears still amuses me.

Bear proof garbage cans.