Photo Challenges

Off Centre

The new A Photo a Week Challenge prompt is Off-Center.

A small selection of off centre photos from the last six months or so.

One Word Sunday: Seasonal
2020: Sunrise with a fisheye lens
Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Negative Space
Lens-Artists: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Some Favourites of 2020

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Favourite Images of 2020 prompt.

Once I started selecting some favourites I realised that they were far to random to build a theme around. So I decided to go with a small selection of photos of various skies, one from each season.

Travel Tuesday: 5th January 2021

Early January saw me down on a snow and ice covered section of the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline for my first dawn photos of 2020.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: From an Unusual Angle

Late March saw Ontario in lockdown and I was restricted to walks around the neighborhood. Paper Birch trees against a blue sky made bluer by the lack of aircraft flying at the time.

Travel Tuesday: Colpoy's Bay at night

July saw some of the lockdown restrictions eased and Comet Neowise in the sky. As a result I headed down to Colpoy’s Bay to photograph star trails while missing the comet on every attempt.

2020: Sunrise with a fisheye lens

November saw me down on the Government Dock in the village of Colpoy’s Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula for the sunrise. The light and clouds were so widespread I used my fisheye lens to include as much of the sky as possible.

Monochrome Monday

Monochrome Monday: 28th December 2020

Monochrome Monday travels back a month to the end of November.

With a partly cloudy sky I headed to the Government Dock in the village of Colpoy’s Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula at dawn.

Monochrome Monday: 28th December 2020
Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 6th December 2020

Silent Sunday: 6th December 2020
Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 2nd December 2020

Wordless Wednesday: 2nd December 2020
Six Word Saturday

A Mix of Cloud at Sunrise

Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment.

A sunrise from the Government Dock.

My contribution to Six Word Saturday.

Six Word Saturday: A Mix of Clouds at Sunrise
Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 25th November 2020

Wordless Wednesday: 25th November 2020