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Horse Chestnut

This week my Flora and Fauna Friday post is the Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), a large deciduous tree.

Alternative common English names include conker, buckeye and horse-chestnut.

The species is native to the Balkans in South East Europe. However it is widely cultivated throughout the temperate world.

This photo was taken at Bickerton Hill in southern Cheshire, England and shows the seeds, seed capsules and leaves in the autumn.

Flora and Fauna Friday: Horse Chestnut

CFFC: Autumn Scenes

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Autumn Scenes.

I had a couple of ideas for the challenge before deciding to concentrate on one area, Bickerton Hill in Cheshire, England.

A view from the top of Bickerton Hill looking down onto some woodland below.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Autumn Scenes


Fly Agaric fungi growing amongst some Silver Birch trees on top of the hill.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Autumn Scenes


Autumn colour on the side of a section of the hill.

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Hill.


Fallen Horse Chestnuts (or conkers to some British school children) on the ground under a Horse Chestnut tree at the bottom of the hill.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Autumn Scenes