Icicles in the snow.

Spotted on a walk last Tuesday afternoon. It had been sunny most of the day until I had a chance to go for a walk with the camera when it started clouding over.

I think that the snow had got warm enough in the sun to start thawing and then the water was freezing as it ran down to the tips of the branches. I don’t know why the tips of a couple of the icicles are crooked.

Icicles on the tips.

Splish, splash revisited.

Week 9 of my 52 week photo project was titled Splish, splash and showed icicles being formed by the waves breaking on the shoreline at Colpoy’s Bay, Ontario.

I was originally considering the photo below but went with a tighter view of the icicles and a wave breaking.


This photo shows the tripod set up on the shoreline. By the time I was ready to pack up the equipment the lower legs were icing up and the leg closest to the water was frozen to the stones it was standing on. I only slipped on the stones once, I was more careful after that.


Week 9. Splish, splash.

Week 8 was ice on Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise. A week later and almost all the ice has either thawed or been blown out of the bay by the wind. I went down to Colpoy’s Bay and discovered that the waves were breaking on the shoreline and forming icicles on a section. By the time I had finished photographing the action the tripod leg closest to the water was coated with ice and frozen to the stones it was standing on.