Getting Back to Basics

Drinking Glass Abstract #2

Getting Back to Basics: Abstract Drinking Glass #2

A drinking glass with intentional camera movement.

Another recent studio shot taken for a Glass photo challenge posted by a Facebook ICM group.


Zoom Burst Trees

2021: Zoom Burst Bare Trees

Bare trees on the South Bruce Peninsula with a zoom burst.

Taken on a recent walk around the neighborhood with an old DSLR and zoom lens.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 29th December 2021

Wordless Wednesday: 29th December 2021
Weekly Topics

Macro Monday: 27th December 2021

Macro Monday: 27th December 2021

A high magnification view of the cells and veins of a backlit autumn Maple leaf in the studio.

Taken with a high magnification Olympus OM Zuiko 38mm macro lens adapted to a Sony a6000.

Cosmic Photo Challenge Photo Challenges

Christmas Ornament

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Show us your Christmas

A Christmas tree ornament with intentional camera movement.

I spent part of Christmas experimenting with intentional camera movement on my table top studio.

This is my contribution to Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Show us your Christmas prompt.

Monochrome Monday

Monochrome Monday: 27th December 2021

Monochrome Monday: 27th December 2021

A three minute live composite exposure of clouds moving across Colpoy’s Bay at dawn yesterday.

At this point it looked like the storm clouds were clearing in time for the sunrise. A few minutes later there was cloud starting to cover the sky again.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 26th December 2021

Silent Sunday: 26th December 2021