Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 15th December 2021

Wordless Wednesday: 15th December 2021
Photo Challenges

ICM of Waves at Dawn

WWE: Waves with ICM

Intentional camera movement of waves at dawn. A recent visit to the Government Dock in the village of Colpoy’s Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

There was a strong wind blowing up the bay, the water on one side of the dock was very rough. The water on the other side was much calmer due to being sheltered from the wind. This allowed me to experiment with intentional camera movement of the water. This photo was taken on the rough water side of the dock. I was trying to move the camera in line with the direction of the waves.

This is my contribution to Jez’s Water Water Everywhere #107 photo challenge.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 12th December 2021

Silent Sunday: 12th December 2021
Getting Back to Basics

More Autumn ICM

Getting Back to Basics: Another ICM Experiment

An intentional camera movement image from a recent walk around the neighborhood.

I hadn’t gone out intending to shoot ICM images, I had put the TTArtisan 35mm lens on my Sony with the intention of looking for autumn details in the thawing snow.

The Sony/35mm combination is small and light and can be tucked under my coat if the weather changes. Something that has happened a couple of times recently.

Weekly Prompts

Winter’s Day

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts: Winter’s Day colour challenge.

Recently we’ve had grey, overcast skies, bare trees and snow on the ground. So a couple of my intentional camera movement shots of trees in snow on the South Bruce Peninsula seemed an obvious choice for this prompt.

Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Winter's Day
Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Winter's Day
Getting Back to Basics

ICM of Trees in Snow

Back to Basics: ICM of trees in snow

Intentional camera movement of trees in snow on the South Bruce Peninsula.

A recent walk around the neighborhood on an overcast day. I wasn’t planning on shooting ICM images but the majority of the photos from the walk ended up being ICM.

Since taking the photo we have had some mild weather and rain. As a result most of the snow has now disappeared.

Cosmic Photo Challenge


Two different types of movement recorded with a camera.

Intentional camera movement where the camera is moved during exposure and live composite where the camera record’s movement during exposure.

This is my contribution to Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Art for Art’s Sake prompt.

Lens-Artists: You Pick It!

Intentional camera movement of trees in early spring.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Look to the Skies

A 40 minute live composite exposure of Colpoy’s Bay at twilight with the lights of several vehicles travelling along Mallory Beach Road.

2021: ICM of tree bark

Intentional camera movement of tree bark.

2021:Pastel colours in the clouds

A live composite exposure of clouds moving across Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise. Taken with the TTArtisan 7.5mm fisheye lens.