Telephoto landscapes, part two.

A continuation of using telephotos to isolate sections of the landscape.

This shot is from a couple of years ago. I had gone down to the dock at Bluewater Park in Wiarton on the South Bruce Peninsula for the sunrise. There was a good display of autumn colour on the Niagara Escarpment so once the sun was up I put a super telephoto lens on the tripod and started isolating sections.

This allowed me to focus attention on the autumn colour while having a thin strip of water along the bottom of the frame and a small section of sky at the top giving the trees some context.

The rock edge of the Escarpment is visible center left of the frame with a couple of large boulders that have fallen from the rock face at the waters edge.

A section of autumn colour on the Niagara Escarpment.

Trees and mist.

Alternatively, part one of using a telephoto to isolate sections of the landscape as this may be an ongoing topic.

For this shot I was on a local back road looking for Eastern Meadowlarks during the golden hour one morning. I noticed the low sun was illuminating some distant trees with patches of mist amongst them.

Having a long telephoto on the tripod I started framing some of the trees and mist patches.

Mist patches in trees at sunrise.

Last Mountain Lake.

The new Weekly Photo Challenge is Favorite Place.

I was considering a few locations until I thought of Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan.

I was never sure why it’s called Last Mountain Lake as it’s on the Canadian prairies with no mountains anywhere close by. It’s also known as Long Lake. The photos were all taken around the north end of the lake which is shallow with wetlands. It’s the location of the Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary, the first federal bird sanctuary in North America.

An American White Pelican in the summer.

American White Pelican, Saskatchewan, Canada

A section of the lake at sunset in the autumn.

Last Mountain Lake at sunset, Saskatchewan, Canada

A flock of Snow Geese on autumn migration.

Snow Geese on autumn migration, Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

A frozen section of Last Mountain Lake in winter.

Last Mountain Lake at sunset, Saskatchewan, Canada

Winter landscapes from the 1980s.

Some photos from Cheshire, England in the 1980s. As this part of Ontario is currently in a deep freeze and there’s a couple of feet of snow on the ground these photos make me think of warmer winters and much less snow.

Some trees in mist with snow on the ground at sunrise in south Cheshire.

Trees in mist, Cheshire, England

A view over the Cheshire plain towards Liverpool from Bickerton Hill.

Snow on Cheshire plain from Bickerton Hill, Cheshire, England

Sunrise over a dairy farm in south Cheshire.

Winter sunrise, Hatherton, Cheshire, England