Green variations.

The current Weekly Prompt photo challenge is Green.

Some winters in Ontario we don’t see very much green. This winter we’ve had a few mild spells and thaws so we’ve seen more green than is typical.

I went for a walk with the camera after a thaw during the first week of 2019. One of the shots I took was of a tree trunk with Ivy and Lichen growing on it. At the time I was struck by various colours in the Ivy leaves and different groups of Lichens.

Tree trunk detail in winter.

Week 46. Lichen and snow.

Week 46 was mostly thick cloud with frequent snow flurries. I was shooting with the idea of doing a monochrome conversion with poor light and little colour each time I got out with the camera.

I was down at Colpoy’s Bay on Sunday afternoon. As I walked back along the shoreline I noticed the orange and grey Lichen on a partially snow covered boulder. The similarity of the texture of the Lichen and the snow caught my attention as much as the splash of colour.

Lichen and snow on a boulder.

Week 25. A patch of evening sunlight.

An evening walk early in week 25. The low sun was shining through the trees producing some nice dappled sunlight. I noticed a patch of sunlight on a tree trunk with Ivy and Lichen growing on it.

Strangely it was the same tree trunk I photographed in week 2. What seems odd is that the Ivy leaves were green in early January but now in mid June some of them are brown.

Ivy leaves and Lichen.