Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 26th September 2021

Silent Sunday: 26th September 2021
Photo Challenges

Light Painting on the Shoreline

2021: Light Painting the Tree Trunks

Another unplanned experiment with light painting on the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline at dawn recently.

For this version I used a small flashlight (torch) to paint the tree trunks in the foreground during the 30 second exposure. Another test of the new TTArtisan 7.5mm fisheye lens.

This is also a contribution to Jez’s Water Water Everywhere photo challenge.

Cosmic Photo Challenge

Light Painting the Foreground

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Freestyle

Colpoy’s Bay on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario at dawn with the new TTArtisan 7.5mm fisheye lens.

A 30 second exposure allowed for an unplanned experiment with light painting the foreground.

I keep a small flashlight (torch) clipped to the shoulder strap of my various camera bags. Once I arrive at a location I often unclip the flashlight and use it for setting up the camera in the dark.

Yesterday morning I had the flashlight in a pocket when I started the exposure so I used it to light paint the tree trunks and foreground.

I thought the photo was an appropriate contribution to Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Freestyle prompt.