Long shadows at sunset

Thursday evening of week 40 saw me looking for autumn colour on some local back roads during the golden hour.

I was rather disappointed with the autumn colour but noticed the long shadows and warm evening light on my favourite old barn. I ended up walking along a ditch to get to a position where my shadow wouldn’t be in shot.

Old barn at sunset.

52 Week Photo Project

Week 37: Golden light on an old barn

Alternatively, 30 minutes before sunset as a follow-up to week 36.

An evening of week 37 saw me on a local back road. I noticed that the low sun was casting long shadows and illuminating a barn and surrounding trees with golden light.

An old barn 30 minutes before sunset.



One from the archives taken in Cheshire in the early 1990s. It shows the low evening sun illuminating the tops of trees around Bickerton Hill, Cheshire, England. A shot that sat in my files being overlooked but it’s grown on me after scanning it a few years ago.

Bickerton Hil is a red sandstone hill and is the southern end of the Mid Cheshire Ridge. A range of low sandstone hills sticking out of the Cheshire Plain. There is the remains of an Iron Age hill fort on top of part of the hill.

Low sun on tree tops.

52 Week Photo Project

Week 14: Early morning light

I went for an early morning walk rather than heading off to one of my sunrise locations this weekend. I liked the way the low sun was illuminating patches of the Ivy leaves on the tree trunks.

Ivy leaves in winter.


52 Week Photo Project

Week 5: Texture and shadow

The low angle of the late afternoon sun makes me think of sugar the way it’s picked out the texture of the snow.