Guess what this is?

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge prompt is ‘Guess what this is?’

The prompt took me back to the 1980s. In those days BBC Wildlife magazine had a monthly competition for its readers. It was a photo of a mystery species, the first reader to correctly identify the subject won a years subscription to the magazine.

The photo below was used one month, nobody correctly identified the subject.

Anyone interested in what the subject is, scroll down under the photo.

Hairy caterpillar

The photo shows clumps of hair on the caterpillar of a Ruby Tiger Moth.


Today’s one word prompt on The Daily Post is Micro.

These are scales on the forewing of a Magpie Moth. You can see the edge of the forewing and a small section of the hindwing on the right edge of the photo.

There are several moth species with the common English name of Magpie Moth, this is the species found in Europe and North America.

I’ve added a photo of the moth for anyone interested.

Magpie Moth forewing detail, Cheshire, England

Magpie Moth, Cheshire, England

Week 1. GIN

Week 1 of my 52 week photo project for 2018 and something a little different.

GIN, although not the alcoholic beverage. Taken with a digital camera using a high magnification macro lens from my film shooting days. The lens used was an Olympus OM Zuiko 38mm f/2.8. I used it quite a lot in the ’80s and early ’90s photographing subjects for nature photography photo libraries but it has hardly been used in the past couple of decades.


And for anyone wondering what the above photo is of.


It’s part of the ORIGINAL on the back of a McVitie’s Chocolate Digestive.