Friendly Friday: Day Trip

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Day Trip.

There was a couple of bird photography locations in Saskatchewan, Canada that I used to spend the day at, Little Quill Lake and the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area. Here’s a selection of photos from the two areas.

A frozen marsh at dusk, Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan.

Frozen marsh at dusk.

Striped Skunk in the spring, Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan.

Unexpected encounter.

A frozen section of Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan in winter.

A frozen Last Mountain Lake.

Snow Geese on autumn migration, Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan.

A gathering of Snow Geese.

A Marbled Godwit preening in the spring, Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan.

Preening Marbled Godwit.

American White Pelicans in the summer, Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan.

Feeding party of American White Pelicans.

Sandhill Cranes flying to roost at sunset in the autumn, Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan.

Living sky.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: An Anime-Ted Life!

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: An Anime-Ted Life!

My first thought was animated wildlife, that is wildlife doing something. The first couple of photos I picked for the challenge were bird species from Saskatchewan so I decided to restrict my selection to birds photographed in Saskatchewan.

A male Ruddy Duck displays to a female.

Male Ruddy Duck bubbling at female.

A preening Marbled Godwit.

Preening Marbled Godwit.

A Killdeer having a good stretch.

Stretching Killdeer.

A singing male Red-winged Blackbird.

Male Red-winged Blackbird.

A Black Tern feeding over a roadside marsh.

Feeding Black Tern.


Eat, bath, preen.

A Marbled Godwit on a section of Little Quill Lake shoreline. Taken one spring in the late 1990s in Saskatchewan.

I remember spending some time with the bird but had forgotten how many photos I had taken until going through my slide archives and digitizing some a few years ago.

The bird feeding.

Feeding Marbled Godwit.

After feeding the bird decided that it was bath time.

A bathing Marbled Godwit.

After bathing the Godwit had a long preen.

Preening Marbled Godwit.