On Autumn Migration

Throwback Thursday travels back 14 years. I had gone down to the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario for the sunrise. I don’t remember what the sunrise was like but I did find a small group of juvenile Red Knot on the shoreline. Having hatched a few months previously they were heading south for the first time.

I spent some time with them, after a while they were comfortable enough to feed, bathe, preen and sleep in front of me.

This individual is feeding amongst the rocks on the shoreline.

On Autumn Migration

October Squares: Lines of Sandhill Cranes

For day 12 of Becky’s October Squares: Lines photo challenge here are several lines of Sandhill Cranes flying to roost at sunset.

Taken at Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada in the autumn. Sandhill Crane flocks can number in the hundreds of birds as they congregate in the area on their way south for the winter.

As a double lines contribution there’s also so interesting streaked cloud.

October Squares: Lines of Sandhill Cranes

Snow Geese Take Off

Throwback Thursday travels back to Saskatchewan in the late 1990s and Snow Geese on autumn migration.

This is a section of the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area in Saskatchewan. A staging areas for Snow Geese heading south on autumn migration. I was on an observation tower that overlooks part of the Lake photographing small groups of birds flying in to join the main flock on the water. At this point something spooked the main group and the flock took off as one.

Throwback Thursday: Snow Geese Take Off

Friendly Friday: Ebb and Flow

The latest Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is Ebb and Flow. It got me thinking about some of the locations I have photographed birds over the years.

A couple of locations in Saskatchewan stood out, in particular Last Mountain Lake, especially the National Wildlife Area that surrounds the northern end of the lake. Bird numbers would vary massively over the year.

In the spring the area is a stopover location for species such as this Killdeer. Some will stay in the area to breed while others will carry on north after feeding and resting.

Stretching Killdeer.


In the summer the area is a breeding location for species such as American White Pelicans. These birds are feeding in a channel where a marsh drains into a section of the lake.

Feeding party of American White Pelicans.


In the autumn the area is a major stopover location for Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes on autumn migration. This is a section of a Snow Geese flock, the birds can number in the thousands.

A gathering of Snow Geese.


In the winter the lake is frozen and partially snow covered. There are no water birds left in the area although you may see the occasional flock of Snow Buntings. It is however still a good location for sunsets.

A frozen Last Mountain Lake.