One Word Sunday


One Word Sunday: Simplicity.

Sailboat at sunrise.

Weekly Photo Challenge


My contribution to the Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge Simplicity.

A raindrop in the rain.


Wood piles in Colpoy’s Bay.


Grass sticking out of the snow.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Less is More

The new Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Less is More.

As I had been in a minimalist mood for a while before my accident I thought it was a good excuse to review some of the photos.

First, a group of berries. I’m surprised nothing had eaten them.

A group of red berries.

A Maple leaf on the snow.

Maple leaf on fresh snow.

A seed head in winter.

Monochrome seed head.

Some old wood piles sticking out of Colpoy’s Bay.

Wood piles in monochrome.

Seed pods in winter.

Some seed heads in winter.

Finally, snow on a twig.

Snowy twig.

Wordless Wednesday

Trapped in a track.

Trapped Maple leaf.

Six Word Saturday

Maple leaf shadow on the snow.

Winter on the South Bruce Peninsula.

Six Word Saturday.

Casting a shadow on the snow.

Cee's B & W Photo Challenge

Solitary seed head

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge this week is Isolated Objects.

This seed head came to mind as I have photographed them a few times this winter. I picked this shot because I thought the dark background would isolate the seed head from the background when converted to monochrome.

Monochrome seed head.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

Snow texture

Having posted my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Texture a couple of days ago I went for a walk mid week as it was sunny, a rare event recently. The low afternoon sun was picking up the texture of the snow so took this shot of a Maple leaf on it.

I added a frame using the Snapseed app on my tablet.

Maple leaf on snow.