Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Lines and Angles.

This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Lines and Angles.

Continuing my testing of various lenses adapted to a mirrorless camera I went for a walk with a 25mm f/1.4 CCTV lens attached to the camera last Thursday and spotted this tree bark with all sorts of lines and angles.

The lens only just covers the camera sensor at maximum aperture. Stopping the lens down causes it to vignette badly so I kept it at maximum aperture for the walk. Because the lens only just covers the sensor the edges of the photo are swirled and blurred with some vignetting in the corners.

Lines and Angles in Tree Bark.

Some different tree bark photographed on a walk last winter using a normal camera lens.

Monochrome tree bark.

Monochrome Summer Solstice Sunrise.

Monochrome Monday travels back three days to the summer solstice. I had gone down to the dock at Colpoy’s Bay for the sunrise. There was some interesting clouds over the bay but not a lot of colour in the skg.

I shot wide to get as much of the cloud in the photo as possible. As a result the patch of colour on the horizon was very small so I decided to do monochrome conversions of the widest shots.

Monochrome sunrise.

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Lawn Ornaments.

I thought that I would take a light hearted approach to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Lawn Ornaments.

First, a common lawn ornament around here recently. After a long winter followed by a wet spring the Dandelions seem very late this year. Taken recently on one of my tests of a 35mm CCTV lens adapted to fit a mirrorless camera.

Dandelion seed head.

Now the most commonly seen lawn ornament in our yard last summer. I spent quite a lot of time lying behind this Olympus lawn ornament photographing birds and mammals.

Getting down to eye level.

Finally, a Clover flower in the lawn photographed with the Olympus lawn ornament last summer. Taken when the birds and mammals wouldn’t cooperate.

Clover flower in monochrome.

Variegated leaves in monochrome.

Monochrome Monday travels back a day and another of my rambles trying out the CCTV lens adapted to fit my mirrorless camera.

I photographed these variegated Hosta leaves after some rain. The variegation and the range of greens in the leaves caught my eye. I thought that the range of tones would make an interesting monochrome conversion.

Monochrome conversion of some variegated leaves.


Squirrel in monochrome.

Monochrome Monday travels back two days to Saturday morning.

I had set up outside trying for shots of the birds and small mammals in the yard. The light was very uneven as the sun was shining through trees that are only now coming into leaf.

This American Red Squirrel was in the shade with sunlight illuminating the grass behind it. I liked the detail in the shot, especially the claws, but didn’t like the lighting in the colour version so did a monochrome conversion to tone down the background.

American Red Squirrel portrait.

A Dandelion growing on a boulder.

My contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Flower of Any Kind.

With Thursday afternoon warm and sunny I went for a short walk looking for an image for this challenge. With being on crutches and having limited mobility in the right shoulder I’m having trouble framing and composing as accurately as I would like.

I spotted this solitary Dandelion growing in a small patch of dirt trapped in a boulder. It was a mostly monochrome image apart from the Dandelion so I did a selective colour treatment to remove a little more of the colour.

Selective colour of a Dandelion.