Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Midsummer

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Midsummer. Or midwinter if you’re in the southern hemisphere.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Midsummer

Backlit Maple leaves on an early morning walk on midsummer 2020.


Summer solstice sunrise.

Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment at sunrise on midsummer 2019.


Portrait of a Mourning Dove.

A Mourning Dove in the grass on midsummer 2018.


Photo Challenges

A Photo a Week Challenge: Eyes

A few minutes before Nancy posted this A Photo a Week Challenge: Eyes prompt I had been discussing eye colour in birds with someone on the comments section of one of my recent posts.

So it was almost ìnevitable that I would put together a post about birds eyes.

A North American Mourning Dove on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

Portrait of a Mourning Dove.


The Common Wood Pigeon found across Europe and parts of western Asia. Photographed in England.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Eyes


A North American Common Grackle on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. A similar eye colour to the Common Wood Pigeon above although not in the same family of birds. The Common Grackle is related to the New World Blackbirds, Cowbirds and Orioles.

A shiny male Common Grackle.


The Eurasian Collared Dove native to Europe and Asia and introduced to North America. Photographed in England, this species deep red eye is in contrast to both the Mourning Dove and the Common Wood Pigeon above. Three members of the Dove and Pigeon family and three different eye colours.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Eyes


A male Common Blackbird found in Europe, Asia and North Africa. Photographed in England, the yellow-orange ring is bare skin around the eye and is only seen on the male. The Common Blackbird is a member of the Thrush family and is not related to the New World Blackbirds.

Male European Blackbird.


Photo Challenges

On the Hunt for Joy: Say Cheese

This is my contribution to the second On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Say Cheese.

A Pine Siskin saying “cheese” in the spring.

A spring Pine Siskin


A Mourning Dove says “cheese” as it walks through the yard.

Portrait of a Mourning Dove.

CFFC Photo Challenges

Smiles, grins, laughs

My contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Smiles and the A Photo a Week Challenge: Smile.

I know that I’m not supposed to anthropomorphize wildlife but I thought this could be a light hearted post with a bit of anthropomorphizing.

An American Red Squirrel with a hint of a smile. Ontario, Canada.

Eyeing up the photographer.

A relaxed Dunnock grinning while sunbathing. Cheshire, England.

Sunbathing Dunnock.

A wet Racoon grins as it surveys the bird feeders, Ontario, Canada.

Raccoon with spiky wet fur.

A Common Frog grins in a garden pond, Cheshire, England.

Eye of the frog.

A portrait of a Mourning Dove that gives the impression of smiling. Ontario, Canada.

Portrait of a Mourning Dove.

A hidden Great Blue Heron laughing at a No Fishing Sign, Ontario, Canada.

No Fishing Sign.

A Pine Siskin that appears to be laughing. Ontario, Canada.

A spring Pine Siskin



Portrait of a Mourning Dove

Just a portrait of a Mourning Dove but it shows the patch of iridescent feathers on the neck. They’re hardly noticeable most of the time so it was nice to get a shot showing them.

Taken in dappled sunlight last week. I was considering it for my week 29 photo but went with a different bird image.

Mourning Dove portrait.


A portrait of a Mourning Dove

A Mourning Dove feeding in the grass.

One of the first photos from last Sunday morning. Taken before I raised my ground pod a couple of inches. I also moved back a bit once I realised how tight in the frame the birds, squirrels and chipmunks were going to be.

Portrait of a Mourning Dove.