Photo Challenges

Friendly Friday: Something Good

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Something Good.

I drew a blank on this prompt at first before thinking about the way the natural world is carrying on as normal regardless of the humans around them. Spring migration continues as normal so I thought of some of the recently arrived or recently emerged from hibernation species in this part of Ontario.


A sign of spring.

I had my first American Robin about a month ago.


Northern Cardinal male feeding.

We had a male Northern Cardinal show up in the yard about three weeks ago.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Christmas Preparations

I had my first Eastern Chipmunk emerge from hibernation about 10 days ago.


Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Big and Small

I heard Sandhill Cranes calling a week or two ago and saw two last Thursday.


Portrait of a Racoon.

I had my first Raccoon of the spring yesterday (Friday) evening.


Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Flamboyant Red

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Flamboyant Red.

The prompt got me thinking about some of the various bird species with red in their common English names. Some have very little red plumage.

Then I thought about some of the red birds that don’t have red in their common English names. Such as the Northern Cardinal, you can’t get much more flamboyantly red.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Flamboyant Red

Weekly Prompts

Male Northern Cardinal

The new Weekly Prompt is Red.

My initial ideas were bird species with red in the common English name until I realised that I had already used quite a few of those in a variety of previous posts. So wanting something different I thought about mammals and insects with red in the name only to realise that I had used some of them in earlier posts.

I then thought about photo of red subjects that didn’t have red in the name. In that case one of the more obvious North American species is the Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis).

The common English name derives from Roman Catholic Cardinals who wear red robes. It should be noted that the males are red, females being mostly grayish-brown with a slight reddish tint on the wings, crest and the tail feathers.

Northern Cardinal male feeding.


Female Northern Cardinal

A female Northern Cardinal in the yard. Taken while waiting for the various young Nuthatches and Woodpeckers to put in an appearance.

Northern Cardinal female..