Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Unique

I had a few ideas for this Lens-Artists Photo Challenge which is Unique.

It was only when selecting photos for the challenge that it occurred to me just how many are unique. So I decided to restrict my selection to photos taken around the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario, Canada, because that was where the first two photos I selected were taken.

A unique mix of driftwood and pebbles on the Lake Huron shoreline at sunrise.

Driftwood and pebbles.

A unique mix of Canada Geese and clouds over Chantry Island at sunset.

Chantry Island at sunset.

A unique mix of ice and open water on Lake Huron at dusk in the spring.

Blue ice, orange water.

A unique mix of sun and cloud over Chantry Island soon after sunrise.

Chantry Island Lighthouse at sunrise.

A unique splash as a wave breaks over a rock.

Waves on the shoreline.

A unique mix of waves and ripples at sunrise.

Sunrise waves.

Monochrome Summer Solstice Sunrise.

Monochrome Monday travels back three days to the summer solstice. I had gone down to the dock at Colpoy’s Bay for the sunrise. There was some interesting clouds over the bay but not a lot of colour in the skg.

I shot wide to get as much of the cloud in the photo as possible. As a result the patch of colour on the horizon was very small so I decided to do monochrome conversions of the widest shots.

Monochrome sunrise.