Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves on the South Bruce Peninsula a few days ago.

I decided to resurrect my 12 year old DSLR when going for a walk around the neighborhood a few days ago. I used the camera regularly for years before getting a small, mirrorless camera after an accident last year.

I was somewhat shocked to discover that I had forgotten how to use an optical viewfinder. I kept looking for the histogram in the viewfinder. I was also wondering why the brightness of the image in the viewfinder wasn’t changing when I dialed in exposure compensation.

2020: Autumn Leaves
52 Week Photo Project

Week 52: Minimalist Seed Head

This seed head was photographed on a walk mid week. I had taken shots of some of these seed heads a week or so previously but those shots hadn’t really worked for me.

I photographed another of these seed heads in low sun on Saturday afternoon but prefer the simplicity of this earlier shot.

This brings to an end my 52 week photo project. Due to various issues I wasn’t planning a project for 2019. Until yesterday that is when I came up with the minimalistic monochrome or monochrome minimalism I rambled on about in the previous post.

Simply a seed head.

52 Week Photo Project

Week 35: Watching the Sky

Sunday afternoon of week 35 saw me lying in the yard trying for shots of one of the three Eastern Gray Squirrels that appeared in the area recently. Still no luck with shots of the Squirrels but I had some cooperative birds prepared to pose for me.

I picked this shot because despite the Red-breasted Nuthatch being on the ground looking for seeds it’s looking up at the sky, more interested in something overhead than finding seeds.

Watching the sky.