Cosmic Photo Challenge

Some Spring Birds

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: New life emerging prompt.

There’s very little sign of spring around this part of Ontario at the moment, we got snow last Thursday.

So I decided to go with a small selection of of bird species that have started appearing on spring migration.

Saturday Bird: Pine Siskin

A Pine Siskin in spring. They stopped off in autumn on their way south and again on their way north in spring.

January Squares: Up #31

A male American Goldfinch. We had a couple of American Goldfinch on and off over winter but suddenly the male is getting his bright yellow breeding plumage.

January Squares: Up #26

A Chipping Sparrow. The first of the New World Sparrows to arrive this year. The first species is usually the Song Sparrow but I still haven’t had one this spring.

One Word Sunday: Spring

A Dark-eyed Junco. The first Juncos arrived a week or so ago and there was still at least six here at the weekend.


Starting with the Letter – S

This week Patti gave use the prompt Subjects Starting with the Letter – S for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

I quickly had a long list of ideas for the challenge and was considering a couple of different themes to build a post around.

When I realised that one set of three photos were taken in different seasons I decided to go with a set of four photos, one from each season.

Silent Sunday: 22nd December 2019

A fallen branch Sticks out of the Snow while Surrounded by Shadows cast by the Sun on the South Bruce Peninsula on the winter Solstice.

Saturday Bird: Pine Siskin

A Pine Siskin (Spinus pinus) Surveys its Surroundings on the South Bruce Peninsula in Spring.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Subjects Starting with the Letter S

Backlit Sandhill Cranes Shortly after Sunrise on the South Bruce Peninsula in Summer.

Juvenile Sanderling on autumn migration

A juvenile Sanderling on the Lake Huron Shoreline in Southampton Shortly after Sunrise. A Stopover on its way South during autumn migration.

Weekly Topics

Pine Siskin

My Saturday Bird this week is the North American Pine Siskin (Spinus pinus) and is a follow up to my post last week, the Eurasian Siskin.

The Pine Siskin is an irruptive species meaning their movement is tied to the availability of food. This photo was taken on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario in early spring of 2018. We had lots of Pine Siskin around most of the winter. A few, including this bird, stayed around the area and bred. They moved on in the autumn and there was hardly any Pine Siskin around the following winter.

Saturday Bird: Pine Siskin
Month of Squares

Eye Level with a Pine Siskin

This is my day 3 contribution to Becky’s July Squares on the theme of Perspective. It’s also the first of my eye level posts.

I like getting to eye level with some of my nature subjects. It gives a more intimate view and allows the viewer to see the subject from the bird or mammals perspective.

This is a Pine Siskin (Spinus pinus) photographed as it fed in some grass on the South Bruce Peninsula. I was lying in the grass to get down to eye level with the bird.

July Squares: Eye Level with a Pine Siskin


One Word Sunday


I had 3/4 of an idea for the One Word Sunday: Fraction prompt so went with 4/3 ratio photos.


One Word Sunday: Fraction

6/10 of a Pine cone photographed with a 25mm CCTV lens adapted to a mirrorless camera.


Close up of a Sunflower.

9/20 of a Sunflower.


One Word Sunday: Fraction

13/20 of a cup of coffee. This version was photographed with a 25mm CCTV lens adapted to a mirrorless camera.


Pine Siskin juvenile.

11/20 of a juvenile Pine Siskin. I thought of this fraction when I was captioning the Pine cone fraction.


Photo Challenges

On the Hunt for Joy: Say Cheese

This is my contribution to the second On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Say Cheese.

A Pine Siskin saying “cheese” in the spring.

A spring Pine Siskin


A Mourning Dove says “cheese” as it walks through the yard.

Portrait of a Mourning Dove.

Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Rear

A selection of birds photographed from the rear. My contribution to the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Rear.

A resting male Common Pochard from the rear. Hurleston Reservoir, Cheshire, England.

Common Pochard napping.

A male Purple Finch from the rear. South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.

A male Purple Finch checking what the photographer is up to

A sunbathing Dunnock from the rear. Hatherton, Cheshire, England.

Sunbathing Dunnock.

A young Pine Siskin from the rear. South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.

Juvenile Pine Siskin.

A Fieldfare from the rear. Faddiley, Cheshire, England.

Wintering Fieldfare in an orchard.

A male Yellow-headed Blackbird from the rear. Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Yellow-headed Blackbird surveying his territory.