Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Borage Close-Ups

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #34 is Close-Up.

After giving the challenge some thought I decided to concentrate on a single species, in this case the annual herb Borage. Traditionally a garden plant in Britain, it is now being grown commercially to produce Borage seed oil.

A Borage flower bud.

Borage plant.

A Borage flower.

Borage plant.

A stalk of Borage flower buds and a flower.

Borage plant.

Borage seeds.

Borage plant seeds.

Monochrome Monday

Plant remains in the snow.

Taken on a walk one morning last week. It was the star shape of the remains of the flowers or seed heads that caught my eye.

This is a monochrome conversion although with the overcast sky the original was monochromatic when I took it.

Minimalist plant remains.


Snow on the remains of a plant.

Taken on a walk last week, the title is because I don’t know what they are remains of.

As I was on one of my regular routes I must have walked past the plant lots of times without noticing it. I suspect that it is a combination of the light and the snow on the plant that caught my attention this time.

I was in a retro mood and had gone out with a manual focus telephoto on the camera which meant walking over some snow covered boulders to get the framing I wanted. Sometimes it pays to use a zoom when out for a walk.

Autumn snow on a dead plant.

Cosmic Photo Challenge

Neat leaf.

This weekend’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is Indoor Plants.

The pattern and symmetry of a leaf of the Red Herringbone Plant.

Red-herringbone Plant leaf detail