Spiky Raccoon.

Saturday morning saw me wake up early enough to head out for a sunrise. It was raining so I went back to bed. It was still raining when I got up the second time so I decided to set up in the yard to photograph birds and mammals in the rain.

You can probably guess what happened, the rain stopped before I got any photos. I started photographing the usual species when a wet, bedraggled Raccoon walked out of the bush into the yard.

The spiked fur makes me think of Punk Rockers from the late 1970s.

Raccoon with spiky wet fur.

A week 23 visitor.

Sunday afternoon of week 23 saw me in the yard trying to get some shots of the various Woodpeckers and Nuthatches we have around at the moment. The birds weren’t cooperating and I was considering swapping the tripod for my ground pod.

Getting down to ground level would allow the Squirrels and Chipmunks to be as uncooperative as the birds. However, before I had chance to annoy the resident rodents a visitor wandered into the yard.

The Raccoon wasn’t sure about sharing the yard with a photographer and retreated a couple of times. I used my normal technique for those circumstances and avoided eye contact and ignored the Raccoon until it was comfortable with me being there.

Racoon or Raccoon?

Where the wild things are, in our yard.

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is Where The Wild Things Are.

As someone who photographs wildlife this should be easy for me. Then I remembered a visitor we had in the yard one afternoon. I was sitting on the deck when a Raccoon came wandering into the yard. I grabbed a camera which happened to have a portrait lens on it for a reason I don’t remember. It turned out to be an ideal lens as the Raccoon ignored me as it checked out what the birds had dropped under the feeders.

After shooting a selection of portraits of the animal I started trying different things. In the shot below I focused on the animals front claws rather than the eyes. I can’t decide if it’s annoyed or amused but it looks wild.

A wild Racoon.