Weekly Prompts

On a New Adventure

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: New.

This is Dave the Rubber Ducktographer, my new photographic companion. He’s sitting on my olive canvas camera bag pretending he’s on an outdoor adventure. He’s lit with my new LED studio lights.

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: New
One Word Sunday


This is my contribution to Debbie’s One Word Sunday prompt Feeling.

It was Debbie’s Six Word Saturday post about a Robin in the snow that gave me the idea for this post.

One Word Sunday: Feeling

Feeling cold in the snow. I went for a walk with Dave the Rubber Ducktographer. It was -12°C feeling like -20 with the wind chill.

Dave the Ducktographer in the desert

Feeling hot in the desert. Dave on my sand coloured canvas camera bag pretending it’s the desert.

Six Word Saturday

Everyone, meet Dave the Rubber Ducktographer

My contribution to Six Word Saturday.

Six Word Saturday: Everyone, meet Dave the Rubber Ducktographer