Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 28th June 2020


Silent Sunday: 28th June 2020


Weekly Photo Challenge

First Light on Grass Seed Heads

My contribution to Six Word Saturday.


Six Word Saturday: First Light on Grass Seed Heads


Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts: What is it?

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: What is it?

Having been digitising my slide archives this winter I had a few photos suitable for the challenge.

In the 1980s BBC Wildlife magazine used to hold a monthly photo competition. Each month they would publish a photo of a mystery nature subject and the first person drawn from the entries to correctly identify the species would win a years subscription to the magazine.


Weekly Prompts: What is it?

What is it? No one correctly identified this photo so the magazine didn’t have to give away a subscription that month. The answer is below.


Weekly Prompts: What is it?

What is it? This is the inspiration for Velcro, or hook and loop fastener as it is more correctly known according to the company that makes Velcro. These are the burrs, or hooks, on a Lesser Burdock seed head. The burrs/hooks are what cause the seed heads to attach themselves to clothing and animal hair.


Weekly Prompts: What is it?

The first photo is a close-up of the clumps of hair on the body of a Ruby Tiger Moth caterpillar. Possibly the caterpillar in this photo although the captions on the slide mounts don’t include a date so I can’t be sure.


Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Macro

The Cosmic Photo Challenge: Macro prompt was rather well timed. I have spent part of the winter digitising my slide archives that include hundreds of macro images.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Macro

A Ruby-tailed Wasp. Given that the ruby red tail is usually covered by the wings a more appropriate name would be an Emerald-bodied Wasp.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Macro

Fly Agaric fungi cap detail.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Macro

A portrait of a Common Quaker Moth.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Macro

Spines on a Teasel seed head in the autumn.



2019 in Monochrome

A small selection of monochrome shots from 2019.

A seed head in the snow in January.

Minimalist plant remains.


A Bracken frond, testing a 35mm CCTV lens adapted to fit a mirrorless camera in June.

Monochrome Monday: 30th September 2019


Hosta leaves with a 25mm CCTV lens adapted to fit a mirrorless camera in July.

Hosta leaves in monochrome.


Clouds over Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment at sunrise in August.

Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge: Take New Photos.


Ivy leaves on a tree trunk in November.

2019 in Monochrome

Monochrome Monday

Monochrome Seed Head

Monochrome Monday travels back a couple of days to a recent walk around the neighborhood.

I think that this is the seed head of an ornamental grass growing wild on the side of the road.

Monochrome Monday: 1st December 2019

One Word Sunday


My contribution to One Word Sunday: Round.

One Word Sunday: Round