Snow Geese and smoke.

Throwback Thursday travels back to Saskatchewan, Canada in the late 1990s.

In the autumn one of my regular locations for Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes on autumn migration was Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area in Saskatchewan. One afternoon there was large clouds of smoke to the north west. A couple of times flocks of Snow Geese would take off and fly in front of the smoke.

I never found out what caused all the smoke.

Smoke and Snow Geese.


Prolific Snow Geese.

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Prolific.

Snow Geese on autumn migration flying in to roost at sunset, Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan. Parts of Saskatchewan are a staging ground for the birds on their way south for the winter. I estimated some of the flocks I saw at 17,000 birds.

Snow Geese flying in to roost.

Last Mountain Lake.

The new Weekly Photo Challenge is Favorite Place.

I was considering a few locations until I thought of Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan.

I was never sure why it’s called Last Mountain Lake as it’s on the Canadian prairies with no mountains anywhere close by. It’s also known as Long Lake. The photos were all taken around the north end of the lake which is shallow with wetlands. It’s the location of the Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary, the first federal bird sanctuary in North America.

An American White Pelican in the summer.

American White Pelican, Saskatchewan, Canada

A section of the lake at sunset in the autumn.

Last Mountain Lake at sunset, Saskatchewan, Canada

A flock of Snow Geese on autumn migration.

Snow Geese on autumn migration, Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

A frozen section of Last Mountain Lake in winter.

Last Mountain Lake at sunset, Saskatchewan, Canada