White Birds

A selection of white birds and birds with white in their common English names for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: White prompt.

Saturday Bird: Snowy Owl
A Snowy Owl on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.
Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Pick a Topic from this Photo/Saturday Bird
White-breasted Nuthatch, Greenwater Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada
Tuesday Photo Challenge - Connect
American White Pelican, Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area, Saskatchewan, Canada
Saturday Bird: Whooper Swan
Whooper Swan portrait, Martin Mere Wetland Centre, Lancashire, England.
Weekly Topics

Snowy Owl

My Saturday Bird this week is the Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus). It is a winter visitor to southern Canada and the northern U.S. in variable numbers year to year.

This individual lingered in southern Ontario in the spring and was photographed in early May. I suspect that it was digesting a recent meal as there was mud and a trace of blood around the birds bill.

Saturday Bird: Snowy Owl
Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Visitors

A selection of winter visitors for the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Visitors.

These bird species move from their breeding grounds to spend the winter in different locations.

A feeding Whooper Swan, a winter visitor to the Martin Mere Wildfowl and Wetland Centre, Lancashire, England.

Portrait of a feeding Whooper Swan.


A male Common Redpoll, a winter visitor to Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Common Redpoll on snow.


A Fieldfare, a winter visitor to Cheshire, England.

Throwback Thursday: Fieldfare


A Snowy Owl, a winter visitor to southern Ontario, Canada.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Visitors