Getting Back to Basics

Drinking Glass Abstract #2

Getting Back to Basics: Abstract Drinking Glass #2

A drinking glass with intentional camera movement.

Another recent studio shot taken for a Glass photo challenge posted by a Facebook ICM group.

Weekly Topics

Macro Monday: 27th December 2021

Macro Monday: 27th December 2021

A high magnification view of the cells and veins of a backlit autumn Maple leaf in the studio.

Taken with a high magnification Olympus OM Zuiko 38mm macro lens adapted to a Sony a6000.

Cosmic Photo Challenge Photo Challenges

Christmas Ornament

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Show us your Christmas

A Christmas tree ornament with intentional camera movement.

I spent part of Christmas experimenting with intentional camera movement on my table top studio.

This is my contribution to Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Show us your Christmas prompt.

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 22nd December 2021

Wordless Wednesday: 22nd December 2021
Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 19th December 2021

Silent Sunday: 19th December 2021
Getting Back to Basics

Ice Along the Shoreline

Getting Back to Basics: Ice on the Shallows

Ice along the shoreline of Berford Lake at sunrise a couple of days ago.

An outing with my Sony back to basics kit, taken with the small, manual focus TTArtisan 17mm lens.


Autumn in the Studio

A week or two back I started a winter project photographing leaves and other items I have been picking up on my walks around the neighborhood.

I set up my table top studio and started experimenting with different lighting techniques and lenses.

This week Tina gives us the prompt You Choose for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. So after considering a few options I decided to go with a small selection of autumn in the studio photos.

Lens-Artists: Autumn in the Studio

Backlit cells and veins of an autumn Maple leaf.

Lens-Artists: Autumn in the Studio

An autumn Maple leaf with a fast portrait lens.

Lens-Artists: Autumn in the Studio

Pine cone lying on autumn leaves photographed with a fast portrait lens.

CFFC: Basically Two Colours

Partially backlit section of an autumn Oak leaf.