Can you see it?

Taken on a recent evening walk. It’s at least the third time I have photographed this pile of rocks.

I’ve never been satisfied with any of the versions but I thought I’d share this to see if other people can see a face in the top rock or if it’s just me.

I was considering it for One Word Sunday – Hidden but decided that some explanation was necessary. So it’s a one word title followed by a long rambling post. If you can see the face it does appear to be hiding behind the other rocks.

A face in the rock.

23 minutes before sunrise.

A shot I was considering for my week 37 pick. A 50 second exposure of Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment before sunrise using a neutral density filter to achieve the exposure time needed. I wanted to blur the water and get some movement in the clouds.

Dawn on the South Bruce Peninsula.