Monthly Squares

Seven Of A Kind

Seven young Great Tits in a nestbox in southern Cheshire.

This is my day 7 contribution to Becky’s October Squares challenge on the theme of Kind.

October Squares: Seven of a Kind
Weekly Photo Challenge

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Under the Sun

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Under the Sun prompt.

I decided to go with a small selection of photos from this spring and summer when I was testing various lenses in a variety of types of sunlight.


Wordless Wednesday: 24th June 2020

Backlit Maple leaves. Taken with the 7artisans 55mm lens wide open at f/1.4.


Silent Sunday: 14th June 2020

A Fern frond in dappled sunlight. Taken with the Kamlan 50mm lens wide open at f/1.1.


Wordless Wednesday: 3rd June 2020

Dandelions in the shade with sunlight on the background. Taken with the 7artisans 35mm lens wide open at f/1.2.


Weekly Photo Challenge

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Spring

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Spring.

For the month of July the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge has the theme of seasons. I decided to go with a theme for each season, one bird photo, one scenic photo and one flora and fauna photo.


April Squares: Singing from the Top of the Cattail

A displaying male Yellow-headed Blackbird singing to proclaim his territory in central Saskatchewan, Canada in the spring.


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Panoramic Views

Ice on Lake Huron at sunset during the spring thaw. Photographed near the Long Dock in Southampton, Ontario, Canada.


Throwback Thursday: 16th April 2020

Two signs of spring in Cheshire, England, the Orange Tip Butterfly is one of the first butterflies to appear in the spring. This male Orange Tip Butterfly is feeding on Bluebells, another sign of spring.


Monthly Squares

Perspective on a Giant Blue Butterfly

This is my day 4 contribution to Becky’s July Squares: Perspective.

This giant blue butterfly garden ornament is one of three on trees I walk past on one my walking routes.


July Squares: Perspective


Flora and Fauna Friday

Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel

This week’s Flora and Fauna Friday is a Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel (Ictidomys tridecemlineatus) in the late spring. Alternative common English names include Striped Gopher and Leopard Ground Squirrel.

Photographed near Punnichy on the Saskatchewan, Canada prairies in the late 1990s.


Flora and Fauna Friday: 3rd July 2020


Throwback Thursday

Backlit European Robin

Throwback Thursday travels back to the mid 1980s with a backlit European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) in a hedge in Hatherton near Nantwich in southern Cheshire.

This slide sat in my archives being overlooked until I started digitising them. Now I rather like the backlighting.


Throwback Thursday: 2nd July 2020


Weekly Photo Challenge

A Photo a Week Challenge: Dusk

This is my contribution to the A Photo a Week Challenge: Dusk.

Having quite a few photos to pick from I decided to go with two favourites, one from Saskatchewan, Canada and one from Ontario, Canada, both featuring ice.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Special Spot Shots

A frozen section of the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area in Saskatchewan, Canada at dusk.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Dusk

Lines of ice on Lake Huron at dusk during the spring thaw. Southampton, Ontario, Canada.