52 week photo project

Week 16. Sunrise over ice.

Colpoy’s Bay, Ontario at sunrise. Most of the bay is still frozen although you can see some open water at the mouth of the bay.

Strangely, a few hours after the photo was taken I was on the Lake Huron shoreline which was ice free around Southampton, Ontario.

Ice at sunrise.

The Daily Post

A quick snack.

The Daily Post one word prompt is Partake.

An American Robin partaking of a quick snack on the Lake Huron shoreline this morning. I don’t know what it was eating but it ate five in quick succession.

spring feeding.

A grab shot. I had gone down to the lakeshore to checkout the ice conditions only to find this section of Lake Huron ice free.

I keep an old digital camera in the car along with a couple of telephotos from the 1980s. The 300mm I used dates back to the mid 1980s and has suffered over the decades. It has some fungus internally that I keep in check by baking the lens in the oven occasionally.

52 week photo project

Week 15. The ghost of a Maple leaf.

With winter refusing to make way for spring in this part of Ontario it’s back to winter images. After getting 16 inches of snow yesterday I went for a walk this morning. I noticed the remains of the Maple leaf on the fresh snow and pursued it for some time as a strong wind kept blowing it around. In the end I managed to get one shot of it.

ghost Maple leaf.

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A song of spring.

The Daily Post one word prompt is Song.

A male Red-winged Blackbird proclaiming its territory having recently arrived in Saskatchewan for the summer.

A song of spring.

The Daily Post

Glimmering ice.

The last rays of the setting sun glimmers on the remains of ice on Lake Huron in the spring.

Glimmering ice

The Daily Post one word prompt is Glimmer.


Watching me.

A Common Frog sitting in pondweed watches the photographer take its portrait.

Common Frog watches the photographer

With winter refusing to leave this part of Ontario I have started posting spring photos on Instagram in the hope that winter will take the hint.

Weekly Photo Challenge

An early riser.

A Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel wondering where the new spring grass is.

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is Awakening.

Striped Gopher