Monochrome Monday: 15th July 2019

Monochrome Monday travels back two days to Saturday morning.

I had gone down to the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline for the sunrise. Conditions were looking good when I got up but when I got to the bay I could see a solid bank of cloud over the mouth where the sun would be rising.

There was never much colour in the sky so I was shooting with the idea of doing a monochrome conversion for Monochrome Monday.

Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment at sunrise with White Cloud Island on the horizon in the mouth of the bay.

Monochrome Monday: 15th July 2019

Lake Huron shoreline at dawn.

Throwback Thursday only travels back 12 years. At the time I was living in Southampton, Ontario, Canada on the Lake Huron shoreline.

I had recently purchased a new digital camera. The results from the camera had convinced me to finally stop shooting film alongside digital. Although I must admit that one of the reasons for stopping shooting film was the difficulty of getting transparency film processed. Slides had been coming back from processing labs covered in scratches and water marks for some time.

A driftwood tree trunk washed up on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton at dawn. Taken from close to the Long Dock looking north towards the flagpole and the mouth of the Saugeen River with some of the lights of the town shining.

Dawn on the shoreline.