Monochrome Monday

Monochrome Monday: 6th April 2020

Monochrome Monday travels back a couple of weeks to one of my walks around the neighborhood. On this walk I fitted an ultra wide angle lens to the camera and was using it for some photos of the bare trees.

For this shot I focused on some interesting bark on the trunk of a tree while having a couple of out of focus Paper Birch trees against a cloudless sky in the background.

Monochrome Monday: 6th April 2020


Throwback Thursday

Patterns and Texture in the Ice

Throwback Thursday travels back to Saskatchewan in the late 1990s and a frozen section of marsh at sunset.

The strange circular patterns and the texture on the surface of the ice caught my eye. What almost looks like film grain is the texture of the ice surface.


Throwback Thursday: 5th March 2020

A frozen section of marsh at Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan at sunset.


Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Textures In Your World

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Textures In Your World.

My first thought was photos of texture on snow but I decided to expand on that and go with a selection of photos taken on various walks around the neighborhood over the past few months.

Windblown snow.

Weekly Prompts: White


Hosta leaves.

Silent Sunday: 6th October 2019


Orange Lichen and green Moss on a limestone boulder.

Spring colour on the South Bruce Peninsula.


Ivy leaves and autumn leaves.

Six Word Saturday: Autumn Leaves amongst the Ivy Leaves

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

CFFC: Textures

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Textures.

Green moss and orange Lichen on a limestone boulder in the summer.

CFFC: Textures


Tracks in the snow in the winter.

CFFC: Textures

A Photo a Week Challenge

A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture.

This is my contribution to the A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture.

At first I considered the obvious subjects, tree bark, ripples on water. It was the ripples on water that made me think of snow and ice.

Ice on Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise in early spring. At this point the ice had thawed a little and started breaking up before refreezing.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

Snow texture

Having posted my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Texture a couple of days ago I went for a walk mid week as it was sunny, a rare event recently. The low afternoon sun was picking up the texture of the snow so took this shot of a Maple leaf on it.

I added a frame using the Snapseed app on my tablet.

Maple leaf on snow.

52 week photo project

Week 5. Texture and shadow.

The low angle of the late afternoon sun makes me think of sugar the way it’s picked out the texture of the snow.