CFFC: Anything to do with Boats

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Anything to do with Boats.

I decided to keep it simple and go with a couple of favourites.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: In Transit

This Canadian flag is flying from the stern of a glass bottomed boat sailing out of Tobermory on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. It tours some sunken wrecks before visiting Flowerpot Island, named for two rock formations that resemble flower pots.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: My Summer Space

A sailboat on Colpoy’s Bay, Ontario at dawn. The sailboat used to be moored in Colpoy’s Bay each summer until three or four years ago. There were times I didn’t want it in my photos but now it’s not there I miss it.


Photo Challenges

Friendly Friday: In Transit

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: In Transit.

Once again I am playing fast and loose with the prompt with photos before or after some form of travel.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: In Transit

No longer in transit. There was no warning signs saying that the road was impassable. Photographed near Raymore, Saskatchewan, Canada.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: In Transit

About to be in transit. One of the campsites at the Le Mans race circuit in France after the end of a 24 hour motorcycle endurance race.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: In Transit

In transit to Flowerpot Island off the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada. Taking a glass bottomed boat tour to view some of the underwater wrecks before visiting Flowerpot Island.


On the tip of the Bruce Peninsula

A longer and very different post from what my regular readers are used to. I want to talk about my experiences at the Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility and The Meeting Place in Tobermory, Ontario.

As I may have hinted at in some earlier posts from 2019 I have had an ongoing health issue that started late in 2018. I had a sore on my right calf that I couldn’t get to heal and that became infected. As a result, between Christmas and the new year I found myself in the local emergency room being put on intravenous antibiotics.

Six weeks later a succession of doctors and a surgeon had managed to almost double the size of the sore and it was also deeper into the leg. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever heal and was getting very frustrated with the medical treatment I was receiving.

One of the nurses dressing what was by now a wound realised how frustrated I was and arranged for me to see Dr. George Harpur who runs the hyperbaric chamber in Tobermory on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula. Dr. Harpur took over my treatment and after a few visits I was ready to go into the hyperbaric chamber.

After 22 sessions (11 days) in the hyperbaric chamber the wound had shrunk from over an inch in diameter to the size of a small pea. I’m still surprised at the speed the wound healed.

Having two sessions in the hyperbaric chamber each day I went over to The Meeting Place between sessions. There’s a lounge area, various rooms and a kitchen where you can use the microwave to warm something up for your lunch. It’s open to anyone and has Wi-Fi. Some of my blog activity over the past couple of weeks has been from there.

A very useful facility with a nice atmosphere. With a wide variety of activities held there I would describe it as a hub for the local community. It’s a popular place and a great concept, other communities in the area could take note.

To the photo and its connection to this post. I first visited Tobermory in the summer of 1985. I took a glass bottomed boat tour out to Flowerpot Island and took this photo from the back of the boat as it was leaving Tobermory.

Canadian flag on a tour boat.