Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Filling the Frame

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Filling the Frame.

I had a few ideas for the challenge before thinking of filling the frame with just one thing.

Filling the frame with water at sunrise.

Sunrise waves.


Filling the frame with snow.

Tracks in the snow with shadows.


Filling the frame with leaves.

Variegated Hosta leaves.


Filling the frame with trees.

Autumn tree trunks.


Shadow across the tracks.

A shot from a walk earlier in the week and originally taken for my response to the Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge Shadows.

In the end I didn’t use it for the challenge but put a film type border around it using Snapseed.

It’s strange, in my film era I was never a fan of these types of borders but nowadays I think they can give an image a certain character.

Tracks in the snow with a shadow.

Shadows and Snow

My contribution for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge Shadows.

This is now the third version of a post for this challenge. I decided to go with a snow theme after the second version had snow in over half the shots. Then I went for a walk on Monday afternoon and got another photo for the challenge.

Tree trunk and shadows.

Shadows on the snow with a tree trunk.

Shadows across the tracks.

Tracks in the snow with shadows.

Lying in the shadows.

Lying in the shade on the snow.

A barcode on the snow.

shadows on snow