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Tree Swallow

Flora and Fauna Friday: Tree Swallow

My Flora and Fauna Friday post this week is the Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor), a member of the swallows and martins family found in the Americas.

This individual was photographed at Isaac Lake on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario last spring. The species traditionally nests in tree cavities but will use nestboxes. There are several areas at Isaac Lake with groups of nestboxes for them.

This is also a contribution to Becky’s July Squares: Trees photo challenge.

Weekly Topics

Tree Swallow

My Saturday Bird this week is the Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor).

A migratory member of the swallow family found in the Americas. The species nests either in isolated pairs or loose groups, in both natural and artificial cavities.

This individual is perched on a tree swallow nestbox, one of a group of eight in the area. The nestboxes are number allowing ornithologists to study the breeding success of the group of birds.

The species is one of the most highly studied birds in the world but there are still aspects of their behaviour that biologists can’t explain.

Saturday Bird: Tree Swallow