Getting to Know ICM

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Getting to Know You prompt.

Having initially considered various locations and nature subjects I thought about some of the ICM shots I had taken over the weekend.

I spent part of last weekend experimenting with various types of intentional camera movement using various lenses from an ultra wide angle lens to a macro lens.

The post is also a continuation of a the Lens-Artists prompt You Pick It earlier in the month.

Lens-Artists: Getting to Know You
Horizontal camera movement of a stack of campfire wood.
Lens-Artists: Getting to Know You
Rotational camera movement of tree tops with an ultra wide angle lens.
Lens-Artists: Getting to Know You
Circular camera movement of a group of Daffodils.
Lens-Artists: Getting to Know You
Vertical camera movement of Ivy growing up a tree trunk

Swirling Clouds and Trees

Continuing my experiments with rotational camera movement during exposure.

This photo was taken last Sunday afternoon when we started getting some interesting clouds for me to experiment with. I used a wide angle lens with a 4 stop neutral density filter to give me a long enough shutter speed to rotate the camera during exposure.

2021: Rotational Camera Movement

Swirling ICM

Continuing my experiments with intentional camera movement.

Yesterday morning I went for a walk with a wide angle lens on the camera. I had put a 4 stop neutral density filter on the lens to give a slow enough shutter speed to allow me to experiment with intentional camera movement.

One thing I tried was pointing the camera upwards at the tops of trees and rotating it.

Swirling Tree Tops
Monochrome Monday

Monochrome Monday: 18th January 2021

A Tangle of Branches.

Taken on a recent walk around the neighborhood. I had gone out with a macro lens on the camera intending to look for close up detail.

Instead I noticed the tangle of branches in the top of some Paper Birch trees against a grey winter sky. The photo was monochromatic to begin with. I used the monochrome conversion to adjust the contrast between the trees and the sky.

Monochrome Monday: 18th January 2021
Month of Squares

Sunlight on the Tree Tops

This is my day 20 contribution to Becky’s April Square Tops photo challenge.

Sunlight catching the tops of Silver Birch trees on a hillside at Bickerton Hill, Cheshire.

Light on the tops of Silver Birch trees