Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: 7th April 2021

Wordless Wednesday: 7th April 2021
Becky's Squares

Bright Butterfly

This is my day 6 contribution to Becky’s April Squares on the theme of Bright.

A bright yellow butterfly garden ornament on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada in winter.

April Squares: Bright Butterfly
One Word Sunday


Sunlight casting shadows on the snow.

This is my contribution to Debbie’s One Word Sunday prompt Light.

One Word Sunday: Light


This is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Pairs prompt.

I decided to go with a pair of pairs as different as possible.

CBWC: Pair

A pair of “legs” in the snow.

CBWC: Pair

A pair of split rings I use to attach a strap to a camera.


Tree Stripes

This is my contribution to Ann-Christine’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Striped and Checked prompt.

As is frequently the case with me, I started of with a couple of ideas for the challenge and shot off at a tangent when I started selecting images.

I quickly realised that I was picking mostly striped images. That realisation was followed by my noticing that quite a few of the photos had something to do with trees.

Lens-Artists: Striped and Checked

Motion blurred trees. Taken by panning the camera upwards during exposure.

Lens-Artists: Striped and Checked

Tree shadows on the snow. Although the image is as much about the fallen branch sticking out of the snow as the shadows.

Lens-Artists: Striped and Checked

Tree branches as a window display. I rather like the way the corrugated metal siding on the building echoes the pattern of the Paper Birch branches in the windows.

Lens-Artists: Striped and Checked

A maze of tree trunks. Taken on a walk around the neighborhood in autumn a couple of years ago. I was thinking of going back at different times of the year but I can’t find the spot despite knowing which trail I was on.


Autumn Leaves in the Snow

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Leaves and Trees prompt.

A couple of photos from recent walk around the neighborhood.

CFFC: Leaves and Trees
CFFC: Leaves and Trees
Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 13th December 2020

Silent Sunday: 13th December 2020