Throwback Thursday

A Red Deer hind and her calf

Throwback Thursday: Red Deer hind and her calf

My Throwback Thursday post this week is a follow-up to last week’s post, a Red Deer stag with his harem.

This photo was taken later in the afternoon after I had spent time working my way closer to the herd.

This is a Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) hind (female) with her calf. A Red Deer fawn is known as a calf.

They were part of a stags harem but I was able to isolate them after working my way closer.

Throwback Thursday

Red Deer

Throwback Thursday: 7th October 2021

My Throwback Thursday post this week is a Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) stag with his harem photographed in October 1995. There’s a couple of young males partially hidden in the long grass in the background.

One of the largest species of deer, males are called a stag or hart while females are called a hind. During the mating season, known as the rut, large, dominant stags hold groups of hinds called harems.

Taken at Lyme Park, Disley, Cheshire, England, the deer park is part of the Peak District National Park.

Month of Squares

Past Squares #5

October Squares: Past Squares

Lines of Snow Geese at Sunset

The birds are flying to roost at dusk during autumn migration. Photographed at Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan, a staging area for wildfowl on autumn migration. A little known wildlife spectacle.

A look back at some of my personal favorite square photos from previous months of squares. Some were popular, some not so popular at the time.

This was a post in Lines Squares Month and is my day 5 contribution to Becky’s October Squares on the theme of Past Squares.

Weekly Prompts

Dave the Rubber Ducktographer

This is my very light hearted contribution to the Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Camera prompt.

Meet camera using Dave the Rubber Ducktographer who specialises in tracking down rare wildlife.

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Camera
A studio portrait of Dave the Rubber Ducktographer.
One Word Sunday: Blob
Dave the Rubber Ducktographer photographing the rare Cyan Blob.
Silent Sunday: 21st March 2021
Dave the Rubber Ducktographer hiding in a tree stump searching for Bigfoot.
One Word Sunday: Feeling
Dave the Rubber Ducktographer in the snow searching for an Abominable Snowman.
One Word Sunday


A wildlife spectacle, Snow Geese on autumn migration.

My contribution to the One Word Sunday prompt Spectacle.

 Spectacle : Sunday Word One
Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Comfort

ThIs is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Comfort.

My initial idea was a selection of comfortable looking bird and wildlife subjects. Then I got thinking about some of the close encounters I have had. When birds and wildlife have been comfortable enough to ignore me and carry on doing what they were doing before a photographer pointed a lens at them.

Lying in the yard in Ontario, Canada I was trying to get shots of an uncooperative male Cardinal when this Eastern Chipmunk started posing for the camera.

An Eastern Chipmunk posing for a photo.

I was in the yard photographing Sparrow species one spring when this American Red Squirrel started feeding on seed under the bird feeders. Ontario, Canada.

American Red Squirrel feeding.

I had gone down to the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton for the sunrise when I found a couple of juvenile Red Knot on the shoreline. I spent some time with them, they fed, bathed, preened and even slept in front of me. Ontario, Canada.

having a nap

I was sitting on a bench at Dominion Lookout on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton when this Red Fox came trotting along the shoreline and continued on past me. Ontario, Canada.

Trotting Red Fox.

I was lying in a mix of sand and wildfowl poop photographing American White Pelicans when a small flock of Wilson’s Phalarope landed on the shoreline and proceeded to feed around me. This female posed for a portrait before walking so close to me that the lens couldn’t focus on her. Saskatchewan, Canada.

Female Wilson's Phalarope.

I was in the yard photographing birds when this Racoon appeared and started eyeing up the bird feeders. Ontario, Canada.

Raccoon with spiky wet fur.

I was photographing a plant in a ditch when this male Common Blackbird came over to investigate the strange behaviour of the human. Cheshire, England.

Male European Blackbird.

Cosmic Photo Challenge

Wildlife Garden

The new Cosmic Photo Challenge is How Does Your Garden Grow.

When I was living in a rural part of Cheshire, England I turned a corner of the garden into a wildlife garden. It became a wildflower meadow and somewhere to photograph plants, insects and birds. I didn’t have to drive anywhere and could set up a hide anywhere for as long as I wanted.

A Dandelion seed head (clock) growing in the meadow.

Dandelion seed head.

This male Common Pheasant in hoarfrost one winter morning was a fairly regular visitor at certain times of the year.

Frosted Pheasant

This pair of Common Red Soldier Beetles are mating on Ragwort flowers.

Soldier Beetles mating on Ragwort flowers.

This male Eurasian Bullfinch liked the fresh grass seed heads.

Male Eurasian Bullfinch.

One of the plant species growing in the meadow.


There was Teasels growing along the edge of the meadow to attract European Goldfinches.

Goldfinch feeding on Teasel.

I picked up the windfall apples from under the trees in the vegetable garden and put them in the grass on the meadow for birds such as this Common Starling.

European Starling in winter.