Friendly Friday: Leaves.

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Leaves.

As there’s a lot of Maple trees around home I decided to go with a selection of photos of Maple leaves. They were all taken locally when I was out for a walk with a camera.

A Maple leaf on snow.

Casting a shadow on the snow.


Two Maple leaves on a moss covered boulder.

A pair of Maple leaves.


Some Maple leaves.

An early autumn leaf.


Even more Maple leaves.

Backlit Maple branch.


Many more Maple leaves.

Fisheye autumn colour.


Friendly Friday: Remote.

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Remote.

My first thought was of some of the remote spots I visited when living in Saskatchewan, Canada in late 1990s. I once had the passenger side front wheel of my truck disappear into a hole at a water level control connecting Little Quill Lake and Middle Quill Lake. It was at the end of several miles of rough track that stopped at the water control point. I had to pile rocks in the back of the truck to get the rear wheel on the ground and the front wheel out of the hole.

Another time at a section of Little Quill Lake I managed to lock my keys in the truck and had to break into it with an old piece of barbed wire that I had stripped the barbs off.

Here’s a photo of a sunset over a marsh at Little Quill Lake. It was winter so I was probably the only person within 10 miles and it was -40° at the time.

Friendly Friday: Remote.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Yellow.

This is my contribution to the A Photo a Week Challenge: Yellow.

Having photographed some Black-eyed Susan’s a short time before the challenge was posted I decided that yellow flowers would be to obvious.

As yellow is associated with warmth I thought a winter photo would be interesting. I briefly considered a winter sunrise or sunset before deciding that was also to obvious.

Then I remembered the giant butterfly garden ornaments I photographed on some of my walks last winter. I was surprised that this giant Yellow Butterfly sitting in a patch of sunlight hadn’t headed south for the winter.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Yellow.

Lens-Artists: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

I thought that the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue was going to be quite a hard challenge.

Until I thought of one photo that covered three out of the four, Old, New and Blue. All I needed was Borrowed and in the end the photo I picked for Borrowed also covered Blue and tied in with the first.

An adult Eurasian Blue Tit on a frost rimmed twig in the winter. Taken with a Borrowed 800mm lens and Nikon camera when I was toying with the idea of swapping my 600mm lens for an 800mm.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Something Borrowed and Blue.


Old and New Eurasian Blue Tits in a specially constructed nestbox in Cheshire, England.

Eurasian Blue Tit feeding young.