Motion at night.

The new Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge is Motion.

This is the third version of my response to the challenge after deciding that the first two photos I picked were a bit to obvious.

This is a shot of one of the competitors in the Le Mans 24 hour motorcycle race. The rider is exiting the last turn onto the start/finish straight. Taken around midnight, so 9 hours into the race with 15 to go.

Motion at night.

Eye of frog.

I know that the title sounds like part of a recipe being prepared in a cauldron to put a spell on someone but the latest Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge is Eyes so the title was to hard to resist.

A Common Frog (Rana temporaria) hiding in the pondweed in a garden pond in Cheshire, England.

Eye of the frog.

Sunbathing Dunnock.

The new Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge is Comfortable and Cozy.

I had my post almost finished before changing my mind about which photo I was going to use and starting again. The only part of the first version to survive is the opening sentence with the link to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Thinking about the challenge a second time got me thinking about summer, warmer weather and the sun, probably because we had been under snow squall warnings and extreme cold warnings for a lot of last week. That made me think of this photo of a sunbathing Dunnock (Prunella modularis) in Cheshire, England.

The bird is obviously comfortable and cozy in the warm sun.

Sunbathing Dunnock.

If you’re wondering what my initial pick for this challenge was it was this photo.


Interesting light.

The new Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge is Interesting Light.

I’ve always liked the light in this shot although I would have liked a more interesting species to be swimming through the patch of light. It would also be nicer if the bird was swimming towards the photographer.

The bird is a juvenile Common Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus) also known as the Waterhen at times.

Interesting light.

Repeating patterns in London Pride.

The current Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge is Repeating Patterns.

My first thought was snow on evergreen branches as I have taken a few shots that would work recently. However, patterns in nature is something that I have photographed over the years and I had a selection to pick from.

In the end I went with a photo of London Pride, a fairly common garden plant in the U.K. I find the toothed leaves interesting and the red centre to the rosette of leaves add to the pattern. The red centres are where the plant is starting to flower.

London Pride plant.

Under a cloudy sky.

The Traveling At Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge is Under Cloudy Skies.

As seems to be the case for a lot of recent challenges I came up with an idea before changing my mind and finally going with my third or fourth idea.

In the end I decided to go with the occasional consequence of cloudy skies, a rainbow. All I had to do then was decide which rainbow photo.

In the end I went with this double rainbow over a barn on the South Bruce Peninsula. The old barn is a local favourite and I got lucky when the very heavy rain eased off allowing me to line the brighter rainbow up with the barn.

A double rainbow over an old barn.