Month of Squares

Six Of A Kind

Theoretically six identical race prepared Yamaha RD 350 LC motorcycles. I say theoretically because while Yamaha tried to make them all identical some were reputedly better than others.

This is a race in the Yamaha Pro-Am series in the mid 1980s. Yamaha supplied 25 bikes for a mix of professional and amateur riders. Which bike you got was the luck of the draw.

This is my day 6 contribution to Becky’s October Squares challenge on the theme of Kind.

Month of Squares

October Squares: Racing Lines

Day 9 of Becky’s October Squares: Lines photo challenge.

A racing line is the fastest line through a bend on a race track. In this case there’s a line of bikes taking the same racing line while No. 21 tries a different line.

October Squares: Racing Lines


CFFC: Numbers or Letters

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Numbers or Letters.

I thought I would go with the numbers One to 7.

One American Robin posing for a photo.

A sign of spring.

Two Yellow Lady’s Slipper Orchids.

Yellow Lady's Slipper.

Three old Fordson tractors.

Old Fordson tractors.

Four Maple leaves on a moss covered boulder.

Maple leaves and moss.

Five Sandhill Cranes silhouetted at sunset.

Formation flying at sunset.

Six Yamaha RD 350 LC motorcycles.

A row of race bikes.


Rally car #7.